Selling Bikes For Scrap!

Let us here at LJ Oxford know if you are keen on selling your old folding bike for scrap:

Scrap My Bike –

“Looking to Sell your Motorcycle today? Want the best possible price and a hassle free transaction? Whether your Motorcycle is ready for scrapping or you need a quick sale then call us today. Nationwide collection for most Motorbikes and Scooters. Anyone who is a fan of motorcycles will know how hard it is to part with them, but sometimes it’s the only option we have. There can be a number of different reasons as to why we have to scrap our motorcycles. It could be that the motorcycle is unable to pass its MOT, or is in a severe state of disrepair, and the cost to repair it is greater than the value of the motorcycle, ultimately making it worthless to the owner. At, we make it easy for you to earn money from your old, damaged, or unwanted motorcycles. With just a 30 second form to fill, we can give you an estimate and have your bike collected the same day, anywhere in the UK. Although it can be difficult to let go of a motorcycle that has been in our lives for many years, there are times when it is the only sensible solution. If it’s time to say goodbye, choose for to sell your motorbike the safe way and earn yourself a bit of money in doing so.”

Scrap Metal Pricer – Worldwide

Scrap Metal Pricer – United Kingdom

Scrap Metal Pricer – Canada

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